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This is so much more than just a belt. This is a recycled bicycle tyre that has travelled places. As with all great journeys, some bumps and bruises along the way can be expected. Like us, our product are imperfect, which makes each design as wonderfully unique as the person wearing it. I have changed the words very slightly on the website at the moment – you can have a look at and use that.

What do you get when two family members share an enthusiasm for mountain biking and nature?

A belt made from recycled tyres.

A belt that has been places.

A belt that symbolises the spirit of adventure.

Earth-loving, bike-riding cousins, Adrian & Rochelle used their passions as driving forces to create an accessory that transcends mainstream fashion. Handmade with love and sustainability at the core, this is so much more than just a belt. This is A.tire.

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